Will make Pakistan wear bangles: Modi during election rally in Bihar

Narendra Modi

Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi strongly criticised the opposition INDIA bloc, labelling its leaders as “cowards” who are “afraid of Pakistan’s nuclear capabilities.”

He referenced recent comments made by National Conference leader and former chief minister of Jammu and Kashmir, Farooq Abdullah, who had spoken about Pakistan possessing “atom bombs” and not being timid like someone wearing bangles.

Modi’s remarks were made during an election rally in Bihar’s Muzaffarpur, where he rebuked the opposition for allegedly sympathising with Pakistan on militancy issues and questioning the efficacy of surgical strikes.

“It appeared that certain leaders of the INDIA bloc have taken ‘supari’ to speak against India. These (Congress and INDI Alliance) leaders are so afraid that they see Pakistan’s atom bombs even in their dreams. Can such a Government and leader run the country”? he asked.

“They (the INDIA bloc leaders) say “Pakistan Ne Choodiyan Nahin Pehni Hain, Are Bhai Pehna Denge. Ab Unko Aata Bhi Chahiye, Unke Pass Bijli Bhi Nahin Hai. Ab Humein Maloom Nahin Ki Unke Pass Choodiyan Bhi Nahin Hain (They say Pakistan is not wearing bangles. We will make them wear. Now they need flour, they also don’t have electricity. I don’t know that they do not even have an adequate supply of bangles,” Modi said.

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