BJP has killed Bharat Mata in Manipur: Rahul Gandhi in no-confidence debate

Narendra Modi. [File Photo}

New Delhi: Following his recent re-entry into Parliament, Rahul Gandhi, a prominent figure in the Congress party, continued to champion the Opposition’s stance during the no-confidence debate on Wednesday.

He asserted that Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi’s government was responsible for the death of India, Bharat Mata (Mother India) in Manipur.

“A few days ago, I went to Manipur. Our PM didn’t go… not even to this day, because for him Manipur is not India. I used the word ‘Manipur’ but the truth is that Manipur does not exist anymore. You have divided Manipur into two. You have divided and broken Manipur,” said Gandhi, whose return to the House has strengthened the voice of the newly-formed 26-member Opposition alliance, INDIA.

Expressing faith in the Indian Army of stopping the ongoing violence, he accused the BJP of preventing it. “Until you do not stop the killings in Manipur, you are attempting to murder my mother(land).”

Condemning PM Modi’s silence, Rahul questioned if the prime minister does not listen to the people of the country, then who does he listen to.

Ravan used to listen to Kumbakaran and Meghnath. Similarly, the Prime Minister also listens to only Adani and Amit Shah,” stated Rahul.

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