Delhi turns fortress as drones, fighter jets hover in skies ahead of G20 summit

Military drone.

New Delhi: To ensure the safety of the airspace during the upcoming G20 summit on September 9-10 in New Delhi, a comprehensive security system has been put in place and the area has been turned into fortress.

The Indian Air Force (IAF) has employed a range of defense measures, including fighter aircraft, drones, anti-drone systems, air defense missiles, and aerial surveillance platforms.

The deployment is more extensive than the one carried out for the Republic Day parade, as confirmed by an official.

The IAF has identified three types of potential threats: locally launched slow-moving small drones, missiles, and even aircraft similar to those used in the 9/11 attacks.

To address these threats, the IAF will follow a multi-step approach. First, radar and airborne sensors will detect any airborne threats. Second, a conclusive identification of the object will be made. Third, the command-and-control center at the “operations directive center” will determine the most effective weapon to neutralize the threat.

The IAF will execute this assessment process in real-time using their high-speed networks and nodes. Additionally, the IAF will maintain a state of high readiness for its assets, including Rafale, MiG 29, Mirage 2000, and Sukhoi 30 MKI fighter jets.

A select group of these aircraft will be on continuous “combat air patrol” when in flight, equipped with the necessary weaponry to respond to any potential threat. Similar to the Republic Day operation, teams of jet pilots will be prepared for immediate action at key air bases like Ambala, Gwalior, Sirsa, Adampur, Halwara, and Bareilly.

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