BJP will rely on ‘collective leadership, Modi factor’ in 5 state polls this year: Report

Narendra Modi addressing gatheirng at G20 summit.

New Delhi: In preparations for the upcoming state polls in five regions this year, the BJP is strategising to bounce back from recent setbacks, sources told NDTV.

Instead of projecting a specific chief ministerial candidate, particularly in Hindi-speaking states like Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan, the party plans to rely on “collective leadership” and the “Modi factor” to boost its prospects, the Delhi-based TV channel quoted sources as saying.

The report, quoting sources further, said that the aim is to prevent potential conflicts among regional leaders and underscore the principle of the party’s supremacy over individual ambitions.

Essentially, the BJP hopes that prominent candidates will secure seats in areas where its support is weaker, that Narendra Modi’s popularity will lead to electoral success, and that the absence of a designated chief minister will motivate regional leaders to work more vigorously.

Sources told NDTV that the plan is to also curb nepotism and avoid “dynasty politics” jibes, particularly since the allegation is one the PM lays at the door of the Congress. The party will now give one ticket per family.

According to BJP insiders who spoke to NDTV, the claims that Chouhan will be denied a ticket are inaccurate. However, the caveat that “any prominent leader can become the Chief Minister post-election” raises questions about the immediate political prospects of the 64-year-old leader.

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