US sends military weapons, equipment to Tel Aviv as Israel continues bombardment on Palestinians

The Israeli tank attacked by Palestinian soldiers on October 7, 2023. [Photo: X/ jengelmayer]

The first shipment of US armaments landed in southern Israel on Tuesday evening, according to the Israel Defence Forces (IDF).

The IDF announced the arrival of the armaments at the Nevatim Airbase without disclosing specific details about the weapons or military equipment received.

As the conflict between Israel and Palestine continues, the US administration, led by President Joe Biden, has initiated the delivery of munitions to Israel this week.

The IDF emphasized the significance of military cooperation between the two nations in ensuring regional security and stability during times of conflict.

Simultaneously, Israeli President Benjamin Netanyahu engaged in a telephone conversation with President Biden for the third time.

Following their discussion, Netanyahu posted on a social media platform, stating, “I told him (Biden) that Hamas is worse than ISIS – and that they should be treated that way.”

As the conflict  enters its fourth day, Israel ahs continued its occupational crimes in Palestine. Over 770 Palestinians have lost their lives due to Israeli air raids.

The Gaza Health Ministry reported that at least 770 Palestinians have been killed and 4,000 wounded in the air raids, including 140 children and 120 women.”

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