Meta to require disclosures for AI-created, altered political ads

Mark Zuckerberg

Meta, previously known as Facebook, declared on Wednesday that it would now enforce a rule requiring advertisers to reveal when they digitally generate or modify a political or social issue advertisement in specific situations, which includes the use of artificial intelligence (AI), as per the report from IANS.

According to the news agency, Meta stated in a blog post, “We are introducing a fresh policy to ensure people are aware when a social issue, election, or political advertisement on Facebook or Instagram has been digitally created or altered, including through the use of AI.”

Scheduled to come into effect next year, this new policy will be mandatory worldwide.

Advertisers must disclose whenever an advertisement features a photorealistic image or video, or realistic-sounding audio that was digitally produced or altered.

This encompasses portraying a real individual as saying or doing something they did not say or do, portraying a lifelike person that does not exist or a lifelike event that did not occur, or modifying footage of an actual event and depicting a lifelike event that supposedly happened but is not an authentic image, video, or audio recording of the event, as mentioned by the company.

The company noted that advertisers running such ads are not obligated to disclose when content is digitally created or altered in ways that are inconsequential or trivial to the statement, assertion, or issue raised in the advertisement.

Meta has stated that it will provide information alongside the ad when an advertiser reveals in the advertising process that the content is digitally produced or altered.

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