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Return power projects back to JK: Omar tells GoI amid electricity woes

Former JK CM Omar Abdullah.

Srinagar: National Conference (NC) Vice President Omar Abdullah has reiterated that the government of India must return the power projects to JK.

This, he said, while addressing a massive one day workers convention at Sumbal Sonawari. The convention was organized by In Charge Constituency Sumbal Sonawari Hilal Akbar Lone.

Accusing successive governments at the GoI of plotting to weaken the National Conference, Omar said abrogating Article 370 would not have been possible if JKNC was in power.

“It is a bitter truth that August 5, 2019 would not have been possible if the National Conference had not been weakened. When did the people of Delhi not try to weaken the NC? From 1953 until today, they have been continuously trying to find a way to destroy it,” he said.

He further said that had the PDP accepted the unconditional support of NC after the 2014 Assembly elections, the situation would have been entirely different. “The decisions of 2019 could have been averted had PDP accepted our support to keep the BJP away from the power corridors. The unfortunate tie up cost the entire region its unique constitutional position, pushing its people to wall.”

Omar said that after August 5, 2019, the situation in Jammu and Kashmir has completely changed. “Where we used to talk about development, employment, electricity, water and roads, today we talk about our honour, our identity. After August 5, the youth were told that they will get employment while sitting at home, but that day and today, the people of Jammu and Kashmir have got nothing but problems, sufferings and hardships. There are thousands of vacancies in all government departments, but the work of filling the vacancies is not happening anywhere, if a recruitment list is published somewhere, then the next day it is questioned and subsequently the list gets cancelled,” he said.

The NC Vice President said, “Look at the electricity distribution system these days. I have been the power minister myself and I know that we were not able to provide 24-hour power, but the supply position at least was not the same. But what is the matter now? We are witnessing the worst ever power outages across Kashmir. All the committees and working groups formed by the central government have recommended return of power projects back to Jammu and Kashmir. When the Prime Minister says that we want to reduce the distance from the heart and the distance from the heart, why not start with that and give us back our projects so that at least we don’t have to beg for electricity.”

Emphasising on improving the electricity supply, Omar Abdullah said, “LG sahab, how long will people stay in the dark? When Raj Bhavan has to buy something, the system is made where there is no need for tender, but when it comes to electricity, a committee is formed. Did you need to form a committee while installing the smart meters?”

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