Will find attackers of navy ships from ‘depth of seas’: Rajnath Singh on Indian Ocean attack

Indian Navy personnel salute from a naval ship.

Defence Minister of India Rajnath Singh on Tuesday said that a “strict action” will be taken against those responsible for an attack on a merchant vessel off the Indian coast on Friday.

The Indian Navy has intensified patrols amid turbulence in the Red Sea region, he said.

“Nowadays the turbulence in the sea has increased a bit. India’s growing economic and strategic power has filled some forces with jealousy and hatred. The Government of India has taken the recent drone attack on ‘MV Chem Pluto’ in the Arabian Sea and the attack on ‘MV Sai Baba’ in the Red Sea a few days ago very seriously,” Singh said.

“Indian Navy has increased surveillance of the sea. Whoever has carried out this attack, we will find them even from the seabed and strict action will be taken against them,” he said.

He was speaking after the commissioning of the stealth-guided missile destroyer INS Imphal. He said India has intensified patrolling of the seas after the recent attacks.

“The Indian government has taken the drone attack on MV Chem Pluto and attack on MV Saibaba in the Red Sea seriously. We will find those who executed the recent attacks on merchant navy ships even from the depths of the seas and take strict action against them,” the defence minister said.

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