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Dry spell reason behind dense fog in Kashmir: Experts

Dense fog persists in Kashmir for the fifth consecutive day on Dec 29, 2023. [Photo / Umar Farooq]

Srinagar: The dense fog continued to envelop Kashmir for the fifth straight day while the weatherman here has stated that the smoggy mornings is the outcome of persistent dry spell in the Valley.

The dense fog persisted in Kashmir parts, resulting in severe hardships to the commuters across the region.

Talking to the news agency, Kashmir News Observer, Director Meteorological department, Dr Mukhtar Ahmad said that the ongoing dry spell in the valley, especially less rainfall in the past few months, has caused foggy weather conditions in Kashmir.

“It is always being witnessed in winters whenever the less precipitation is recorded,” he said, adding that the dry spell, pollution as well as the dust in the air, are among the main reasons behind the smoggy mornings.

Independent weather Forecaster, Faizan Arif Keng told the news agency: “Aweak Western Disturbance around Christmas might not have brought significant precipitation with it, however, it likely did carry higher than usual moisture content in the form of water vapor. This additional moisture could have condensed into tiny water droplets close to the ground, creating fog.”

Normally, he said, wind helps to disperse fog by mixing and moving the warm air above with the cool, moist air near the ground. “However, due to the absence of strong winds of Western Disturbance, the foggy layer remained trapped close to the ground, leading to prolonged foggy conditions,” he said.

After the disturbance passed, clear skies allowed for effective radiational cooling. Rapid cooling at night further condensed water vapor and intensified the fog, especially in the mornings, he added.

During clear nights, heat radiates from the earth’s surface, causing temperatures to drop rapidly. This rapid cooling near the ground condenses water vapor present in the air, leading to fog formation, he added.

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