Heart attacks double in winter, youngsters at high risk: Experts

An inside view of JLNM, Rainawari, Srinagar. [FPK Photo/ Amir Bin Rafi]

New Delhi: The winter season has brought about an alarming rise in medical problems, ranging from influenza and joint pain to sore throat, asthma, Covid-19, and heart disease.

Dr Balbir Singh, Chairman and Head of Cardiology at Max Hospitals, warns that heart-related issues have doubled compared to the previous month due to the harsh winter conditions and unhealthy lifestyles, ANI reported.

Cold weather exerts significant stress on the heart, making it one of the major organs affected during winter. Dr Singh notes a concerning upward trend in heart attack cases, with an average of two cases daily, expecting an increase in January. Contrary to assumptions, even younger people are experiencing cardiac problems. Dr Singh recounts treating a 26-year-old woman for a heart attack, emphasising the misconception that age provides immunity.

Explaining the heightened risk during winter, Dr. Singh highlights how blood vessels constrict in colder temperatures to conserve heat, increasing heart rate and blood pressure. Even a slight increase in these factors poses a risk, contributing to inflammation in vessels and, ultimately, heart attacks.

Dehydration, exacerbated by reduced water intake during winter, further raises blood viscosity, increasing the likelihood of clot formation.

He also identifies rising air pollution in winter as a contributing factor. While addressing heart attack triggers, he underscores the persistent challenges of smoking, lack of physical exercise, overeating, bingeing, and alcohol consumption, the news agency report added.

This winter health alert serves as a reminder that people of all ages must take precautions against cardiovascular issues, dispelling the notion that youth provides immunity to such conditions.

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