Israeli military adds Indian-made drones to arsenal amid genocide in Gaza

Elbit Systems 900. [Photo: Wikimedia Commons]

The Israeli military is expanding its fleet of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), incorporating Indian-made Hermes 900 drones, according to reports from TV9 Hindi.

This move has raised concerns among human rights activists and defense analysts who believe it will deepen India’s involvement in Israel’s genocide in Gaza.

The drones, produced in Hyderabad, are expected to serve Israel’s needs in the ongoing genocide where it has killed more than 20,000 Palestinians so far.

The delivery of these drones coincides with Israeli air strikes on Rafah, and experts note that drones have been a significant component of Israel’s military strategy in Gaza, used for intelligence and targeted attacks on Palestinian civilians.

The Hermes 900 drones, known for their long endurance and versatility, were first introduced in 2014 during Israel’s war in Gaza.

This particular model has become a standard in the “medium-range long endurance” class of drones, and Israel has previously deployed them for surveillance and operations against alleged Hamas targets.

Reports suggest that Israel received 20 Indian-made Hermes 900 drones from Adani-Elbit Advanced Systems India Ltd, a joint venture between Adani Defence and Aerospace of India and Israel’s Elbit Systems.

While the transfer has not been publicly acknowledged by either country, various reports say quoting sources.

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