‘No money to pay even power bill’: Bank accounts of Congress, party’s youth wing frozen

Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi. [File Photo]

New Delhi: The Congress on Friday said that its bank accounts have been frozen by the income tax department and a recovery of Rs 210 crore has been demanded from the party. The party said it has approached the Income Tax Appellate Tribunal against the action of the department.

Congress Treasurer Ajay Maken revealed today that the party is grappling with a severe financial crisis as the bank accounts of both the Youth Congress and the main Congress party have been frozen. Maken expressed his concerns, stating that this development comes just two weeks before crucial elections, comparing it to an attack on democracy itself.

“Right now we don’t have any money to spend, to pay electricity bills, to pay salaries to our employees. Everything will be impacted, not only Nyay Yatra but all political activities will be impacted,” he said.

The crisis unfolded when the Congress party received information that banks were refusing to honour their issued cheques. Upon further investigation, it was discovered that the accounts of the Youth Congress had been frozen, and the Congress party’s accounts had been seized.

The Income Tax department reportedly demanded a hefty recovery amount of Rs 210 crore from both entities.

The freezing of crowdfunding money in their accounts has added to the party’s woes, hindering their financial capabilities just weeks before a significant electoral battle. Maken emphasised the gravity of the situation, stating that freezing the accounts of the opposition party right before elections is tantamount to stifling the democratic process.

The Congress party is now facing the daunting task of resolving the financial crisis while navigating the challenges of the upcoming elections.

The development has sparked a political uproar, with opposition parties questioning the timing and motives behind the sudden freezing of the Congress accounts. The Election Commission and other relevant authorities are expected to investigate the matter further to ensure the integrity of the electoral process.

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