US, UK and Ukraine behind Moscow attack, says Russian intel chief

Vladimir Putin.

Russian President Vladimir Putin spoke to the Prosecutor’s Office on Tuesday, saying he trusts they’ll make sure the people involved in the recent shooting in Moscow get a fair punishment.

He also mentioned the need to control migration because all the suspects in the attack are reportedly from Tajikistan, which is making people upset about migrants.

The four suspects were seen badly beaten when they were charged in court on Sunday, and there are videos circulating on social media showing them being tortured and hurt during questioning.

Russia’s Prosecutor-General Igor Krasnov promised that those responsible for the attack will be punished, mentioning that crimes by migrants went up by 75% in 2023.

The head of Russian internal intelligence, Alexander Bortnikov, said there’s still a terrorism threat in the country and blamed Ukraine for training the attackers. He even accused the United States, United Kingdom, and Ukraine of being involved in the attack.

Meanwhile, the US warned Russia privately about a potential attack by the Islamic State, following their ‘duty to warn’ protocol.

In response to the attack, Russia’s State Duma discussed bringing back the death penalty, with some politicians like Leonid Slutsky insisting that the attackers deserve nothing less.

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