Microsoft plans $100 billion ‘Stargate’ supercomputer for OpenAI’s advanced AI

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Microsoft is reportedly in the planning stages for a colossal $100 billion supercomputer, potentially named “Stargate,” to drive OpenAI’s forthcoming generation of artificial intelligence systems.

Dubbed as the fifth and final phase in Microsoft and OpenAI’s strategy to establish multiple supercomputing facilities across the United States, Stargate is rumored to rank among the world’s largest and most advanced data centers.

It could span several hundred acres of land and necessitate up to 5 gigawatts of power.

Stargate is seen as pivotal for OpenAI’s endeavors to train and operate more sophisticated AI models surpassing ChatGPT-4.

Drawing inspiration from the 1994 sci-fi film “Stargate,” the project’s moniker embodies a portal to discovery.

The fruition of Stargate hinges on OpenAI’s delivery of its next major AI upgrade, speculated to be GPT-5, anticipated by early 2025.

Microsoft’s keen interest in the initiative underscores the expectation for continued innovation from OpenAI.

Previous setbacks, such as the non-fulfillment of the “Arrakis” AI project in 2023, have raised concerns about OpenAI’s innovation momentum, partly attributed to constraints posed by current supercomputers.

Stargate’s realization may elucidate rumors surrounding Sam Altman’s purported establishment of a highly expensive AI chip factory, as acquiring Nvidia GPUs remains a bottleneck.

This ambitious venture could potentially confer Microsoft and Altman with a substantial competitive edge within the AI landscape.

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