‘Havana syndrome’: Mysterious illness affecting US diplomats linked to Russian spy unit, investigation finds

Havana syndrome was first reported by US embassy officials in the Cuban capital of Havana in 2016.

A strange sickness affecting US diplomats has been connected to a Russian spy group. People stationed in different parts of the world with this “Havana Syndrome” have experienced strange symptoms like feeling dizzy, BBC reported.

Some experts believe they might have been attacked with special Russian weapons that use sound waves. However, Russia has denied any involvement, and US officials haven’t come up with another explanation yet, which is frustrating for those affected.

American officials admit they’re not all in agreement about what’s causing these health issues. The name “Havana Syndrome” comes from the first cases found in Cuba in 2016, but new evidence suggests it might have started in Germany two years earlier. Cases have been reported worldwide, from Washington to China. Recently, someone at a NATO meeting had symptoms similar to those of Havana Syndrome.

As per reports from various sections of international media, people who’ve had this condition, including folks from the White House and intelligence agencies, complain of dizziness, headaches, trouble focusing, and hearing intense sounds in their ears. Over a thousand reports have been made, but many cases are still a mystery.

US lawmakers are trying to help the victims, but a study by the National Institutes of Health couldn’t find brain injuries in people reporting these symptoms.

There’s been suspicion that the sickness might be caused by energy or microwaves directed at the victims. A new report suggests members of a Russian military unit could be behind it. This unit, called 29155, has been linked to other incidents like the poisoning of a Russian ex-spy in the UK.

The investigation found evidence linking these Russian operatives to cities where US diplomats reported being affected. This unit is known for doing secret operations abroad. The report says they might have used “directed energy” weapons to target the brains of American diplomats.

One investigator said all the victims had some connection to Russia in their work, suggesting a motive. But proving Russian involvement is tough for the US because they don’t want to admit the hard truth. Russia has denied any wrongdoing, calling the accusations baseless.

One victim described feeling like a powerful force hit her ear, causing her to pass out and have memory problems. US officials say they’ll keep looking into these strange health incidents but still believe it’s unlikely another country is responsible.

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