To protest genocide in Gaza, Palestinian American doctor walks out of meeting with Biden

[Photo: CNN News video grab.]

A Palestinian American doctor left a meeting with US President Joe Biden early on Tuesday evening, highlighting the heightened tensions and concerns among Arab, Palestinian, and Muslim American communities amidst genocide in Gaza, CNN international reported.

Dr Thaer Ahmad, an emergency physician from Chicago who had recently visited Gaza, abruptly departed from the meeting attended by Vice President Kamala Harris, national security adviser Jake Sullivan, and other administration officials, along with a small group of Muslim community leaders.

While President Biden has faced protests and disruptions at public events in recent months, Ahmad’s departure from the meeting signifies a more intimate form of protest, highlighting the political challenges he faces within key parts of his coalition.

This incident underscores the administration’s strained relationship with the Muslim American community, as attempts to hold meetings in crucial states have been hindered by declined invitations, and connections with significant community groups have deteriorated since the onset of the war.

The meeting, originally intended as an iftar dinner to break the Ramadan fast, was altered to a discussion as participants felt uncomfortable celebrating while Gaza faces a dire humanitarian crisis.

A White House official later stated that President Biden and Vice President Harris acknowledged the profound pain felt by many in the Muslim and Arab communities, with Biden expressing sorrow for the loss of innocent lives in the conflict and reaffirming the commitment to work towards an immediate ceasefire and increased humanitarian aid for Gaza.

Dr Ahmad, who visited Gaza as part of a medical delegation from the NGO MedGlobal, shared his experiences from the frontline, describing the significant challenges faced by the civilian population amidst the ongoing violence.

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