Gaza genocide: At White House, Muslim leaders reject Biden’s Iftar party for supporting Israel

Joe Biden.

Many Muslim Americans expressed outrage over President Biden’s support for Israel’s actions in Gaza, prompting the White House to host a smaller iftar dinner attended only by administration staff during this year’s Ramadan observance.

Last year’s celebratory atmosphere at the White House Ramadan celebration was noticeably absent, with Wa’el Alzayat, leader of Emgage, opting out of breaking his fast with Biden due to the ongoing crisis in Gaza.

Despite attempts to organize a policy-focused meeting, Alzayat and others declined, citing insufficient time to prepare for meaningful discussions.

The refusal to engage with the president reflects the fractured relationship between Biden and the Muslim community, exacerbated by the genocide in Gaza.

Concerns arise among Democrats that Biden’s dwindling support among Muslims could benefit his Republican predecessor in the upcoming election, particularly in battleground states like Michigan with significant Muslim populations.

While several Muslim leaders attended a meeting with Biden, Vice President Kamala Harris, and other officials, the White House chose not to disclose their names.

Press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre stated that community leaders preferred a working group meeting to provide feedback. Regarding the iftar, Jean-Pierre affirmed the president’s commitment to honouring the Muslim community during Ramadan.

Notably, journalists were barred from both the iftar and the meeting, a departure from past practices.

Additionally, some people who attended previous events, such as Mayor Abdullah Hammoud of Dearborn, Michigan, were not invited.

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