Polygamy, child marriage and other subjects related to ‘Miya’ community not poll issues in Assam: Himanta Sarma

Himanta Biswa Sarma with Narendra Modi. [Photo: Wikimedia Commons]

Assam: Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma emphasised that issues like polygamy and child marriage among the ‘Miya’ community are not election topics but crucial for social progress. Speaking to PTI in Jorhat, Sarma highlighted his aim for minority development beyond electoral gains.

“I always say that getting votes is a different thing. We want to see real development for the minority community. Now, whether they give me votes or I ask for their votes — that is immaterial,” he explained, referring to his stance on ‘Miya’ votes for the BJP.

Sarma outlined critical areas for improvement, including education reform and gender equality within the ‘Miya’ community. He stressed the importance of addressing these issues for societal advancement.

“These are not election issues for me. These are the issues through which we can bring social transformation to the state of Assam,” Sarma stated, underscoring his broader objectives beyond electoral politics.

The Chief Minister acknowledged the need for ongoing reforms within the ‘Miya’ community, expressing confidence that recent welfare initiatives would resonate positively during the upcoming Lok Sabha polls.

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