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JK Assembly polls and statehood soon: Modi in Udhampur

Narendra Modi in Rajasthan.

Udhampur: Speaking at an election rally in Udhampur, Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi stated that the Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir would soon hold Assembly elections and regain its status as a full state.

At a separate gathering in Barmer, Rajasthan, Modi emphasised his government’s adherence to India’s constitution, noting that even BR Ambedkar, the constitution’s architect, would find it impossible to abolish it today.

Modi mentioned a prevailing sentiment that the NDA would secure over 400 seats on June 4, echoing the slogan “4 June 400 Paar”, highlighting that the Congress and opposition obstructed his work over the last decade, which led people to hold them accountable.

During the Udhampur rally, Modi clarified that his administration did not restrict people from consuming vegetarian or non-vegetarian food. However, he criticised those who shared videos of themselves eating meat during Navaratras, suggesting it reflected a Mughal-inspired mindset.

Modi did not name specific people but criticised those posting such videos for intentionally hurting people’s faith and beliefs.

In public speeches, Modi highlighted his round-the-clock efforts to fulfill promises towards India’s development. In Barmer, Modi accused the Congress of discriminating against marginalised communities and exploiting the constitution to criticise him.

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