US assisted Israel in intercepting Iranian drones, missiles: Biden

US President Joe Biden. [File Photo]

President Joe Biden announced that the United States provided critical support to Israel in intercepting Iranian drones and missiles aimed at Israeli targets.

In a statement, President Biden revealed that he directed US military aircraft and ballistic missile defence destroyers to the region over the past week. He credited the “extraordinary skill” of US service members for assisting Israel in taking down nearly all of the incoming threats from Iran.

“I condemn these attacks in the strongest possible terms,” Biden said.

The statement follows recent missile and drone attacks launched by Iran against Israeli targets, which resulted in intercepted projectiles both within and outside Israel’s borders. Global leaders have called for restraint and diplomacy in response to escalating tensions in the region.

After the attack, Iranian Foreign Minister reiterated the country’s stance on the recent missile strikes targeting Israeli military bases, calling them a legitimate act of defence guaranteed by the United Nations Charter.

“Attacking military bases in the Zionist entity is a legitimate defense guaranteed by the United Nations Charter,” the Foreign Minister declared.

He emphasised Iran’s determination to protect the country’s sovereignty, unity, and national interests against any form of aggression. The Minister reaffirmed Iran’s readiness to take further defensive measures as needed to safeguard its interests.

“Our resort to defensive measures in exercising the right to self-defence proves our responsible approach to regional security,” he added.

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