BJP is anti-Bengali party, planned to drive out tribals, dalits and OBCs in garb of NRC: Mamata

Narendra Modi and Mamata Banerjee

Chief Minister of West Bengal Mamata Banerjee demanded transparency regarding investigations by the teams of BJP-led GoI, in the state, urging Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi to provide a white paper on their findings before accusing her party, TMC, of corruption.

Speaking at an election rally in Moinaguri, Jalpaiguri district, Banerjee emphasised that TMC is the primary opponent of BJP in the state, whereas CPI(M) and Congress are aligning with BJP.

Referring to the deployment of 300 GoI teams to probe corruption allegations in Bengal, Banerjee questioned Modi on the status of MGNREGA funds, highlighting unpaid wages to scheme workers.

She accused BJP of harbouring criminals and labelled the party as “anti-Bengali,” alleging plans to disenfranchise tribals, Dalits, and OBCs under the guise of NRC.

Banerjee reiterated her opposition to NRC in Bengal and criticised CPI(M) and Congress for collaborating with BJP, stressing that TMC is the sole party fighting against BJP in the state and asserting the need for a TMC victory to safeguard the nation.

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