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Five dead in boat capsize: Amid sobs, hundreds attend funeral prayers of victims in Srinagar

Mourners attending funeral prayers. [FPK Photo/ Umar Farooq]

Gandabal: Srinagar was engulfed in sorrow and mourning as hundreds of residents gathered to bid farewell to five victims who tragically lost their lives after a boat capsized in the Gandabal area on Tuesday morning.

Amid tears and sobs, mourners offered funeral prayers for the victims, including a woman and her two sons, along with two other locals, in a solemn ceremony held at a local ground.

The overwhelming turnout reflected the deep sense of loss felt by the community, with many attendees visibly affected by the tragedy. The sombre atmosphere that gripped the Batwara locality stressed upon the profound impact of the incident on the neighbourhood.

Local residents expressed anguish over the absence of a bridge in the area, which they believe played a role in the boat capsize.

“We have been promised high and tall, but unfortunately, nobody bothered to ensure a bridge in the locality. Today’s tragedy is because of the absence of a bridge,” lamented some locals, highlighting longstanding concerns about inadequate infrastructure.

Amidst the grieving community, senior officials from the civil administration and the Jammu and Kashmir Police visited the site to assess the situation and coordinate relief efforts. The rescue operation remained underway, with reports indicating that several people who were aboard the ill-fated boat are still missing.

The aftermath of this devastating incident serves as a reminder of the critical need for improved infrastructure and safety measures in vulnerable areas to prevent such tragedies from recurring.

As the community grapples with profound loss, efforts continue to locate and aid those affected by this unfortunate event.

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