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Hajj 2024: First flight with 320 pilgrims to take off from Srinagar on May 9

Pilgrims at Hajj house in Srinagar, Kashmir as they prepare for departure. [File Photo]

Srinagar: A total of 7008 Hajj pilgrims from Jammu and Kashmir will be embarking on the holy journey to Mecca and Madina this year, with first flight scheduled to leave Srinagar International Airport on May 9, officials said.

Executive officer of the J&K Haj Committee, Dr Shujhat Quershi, reiterated the committee’s dedication to ensuring a seamless experience for the pilgrims, affirming the exhaustive arrangements to facilitate the holy journey for pilgrims.

He said that a total of 7008 Hajj pilgrims will embark on the Hajj pilgrimage this year, of which around 6800 are going through Srinagar embarkation and over 500 through Delhi embarkation.

“6,852 pilgrims will be embarking from Srinagar, inclusive of those from Ladakh, while 541 pilgrims will depart from other airports, primarily Delhi airport. The departure of Haj pilgrims from Jammu and Kashmir will commence from May 09 and in the first batch there will be 320 Haj pilgrims”, he said.

Dr Quershi said that 37 women pilgrims will also undertake the sacred journey without a Mahram, with the majority embarking from Srinagar, and that the boarding passes to custom clearance, have been meticulously coordinated to ensure a hassle-free experience for the pilgrims and their families.

He said that the Haj House will serve as a focal point for all formalities, streamlining the process for the pilgrims’ convenience.

Dr Quershi said that the collaborative efforts across various departments, including health, security, and emergency services, will be in place and that the training sessions have also been conducted twice to equip pilgrims with essential information and guidance for their pilgrimage.

He added that this year’s pilgrimage will commence with a visit to Madina, with all pilgrims accommodated in Markaziya. He said enhancements have been made in Minha, with tents now strategically positioned in zones 2, 3, and 4, elevating the overall experience for the pilgrims. (KNO)

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