‘Waiting for others not an option’: Iran wants Muslim countries to support Palestine amid genocide in Gaza

Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei

Iran has issued a compelling call for Muslim nations to take immediate action in supporting Palestine amid genocide in Gaza. Emphasising the urgency of the situation, Iran stated that waiting for others is not an option.

In a direct and pointed statement, Iran questions the role of US support in enabling the ongoing atrocities against women and children in Gaza. It firmly asserts that it is impossible to maintain friendly relations with those who perpetrate or condone murder.

Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei wrote on X, “Today, Palestine needs support. Iran has not and will not wait for others in this case. But if the strong hands of the Muslim nations and govts participate in this endeavor, it will have a much greater impact. This is a duty.”

Drawing upon the teachings of Prophet Abraham (AS), Iran emphasises the importance of renouncing oppression and violence. It asserts that this year’s Hajj symbolises a profound renunciation of the bloodshed that has arisen from Western civilization’s crimes in Gaza.

Iran highlights the duty of faithful pilgrims, both Iranian and non-Iranian, to convey this message of renunciation throughout the Islamic world during Hajj. The call is clear: it’s time to stand in solidarity against injustice and to support the oppressed in Palestine.

This clarion call from Iran amplifies the imperative for collective action and moral responsibility in the face of ongoing human rights violations.

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