I am convinced I was not born biologically, God sent me to do his work: Modi in UP

Narendra Modi

Basti: During a campaign in Uttar Pradesh’s Basti for the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) on May 22, Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi said that he is convinced that he was not born biologically and God sent him to do his work.

He sought to elevate his image by claiming that those who vote for him will benefit from the good works he will do.

In an interview with News18 on May 14, prior to filing his nomination papers for the Varanasi Lok Sabha constituency, Modi made a statement implying a divine connection.

He remarked, “When my mother was alive, I believed I was born biologically. After she passed away, reflecting on my experiences, I am convinced that God has sent me. This energy isn’t from my biological body but is given by God. I believe God has provided me with abilities, inspiration, and good intentions for a purpose. I am merely an instrument, and whenever I do anything, I feel guided by God.” This was in response to a an anchor’s question from five years ago, “Why don’t you get tired?”

Modi has previously mentioned being part of a “divine” plan, but his recent comments, made during an intense campaign period, attracted significant attention.

Congress media chief MP Jairam Ramesh criticised Modi’s remarks, calling them a reflection of “unprecedented delusion and arrogance” and suggesting they indicate an impending defeat. “The outgoing Prime Minister seems to think he is God. This is an unprecedented level of delusion and arrogance,” Ramesh said.

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