Poetry: Kaltooncha, the Kashmiri Kingfisher

Hey you!
Look at my water tinged wings,
Know that I can dive better than most.
I live high up in the mountains of promise,
They call it the abode of saints.

Lake placid opens itself to me,
My beak is the ‘key’ to its treasures.
I survive because some piety remains,
Around this water of Indus,
Shrouded by the Valley of highlanders.

I sing you a fishy bird song,
The lyrics of my watery life.
Hear the tweets of waters gushing,
and streams dancing.
Yes! you are right,
This poetry comes from within.

Imagine yourself piercing the surface,
of a pearl and finding happiness within!
This lake is my pearl,
and the Valley is its Oyster.
This tear is not one of sorrow,
but enlightenment that comes from,
centuries of introspection.

Big birds from lands alien,
believe I am no match for their prowess.
But I ask you my dear friends,
Can they dive like you and me?
Little we may be, but who said that,
diamonds, pearls, rubies or emeralds,
are great things in small shapes!

I hear you calling me, and know that the Kingfisher is nothing,
but your free soul.
The sky is not the limit because your imagination,
can travel way further.
So come my friends, lets dive and
while the big birds hover above,
you and me can be submariners and,
re-invent our Shangri-La below.



By Ejaz R Gosani. Ejaz is an MD Doctor, and an Alumni of the SKIMS medical College, Bemina.

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