Yogi orders Madrasas to hoist the tri-color, sing patriotic songs, get video-proof

India: The Yogi Adityanath-led state government has directed all madrasas across the state to hoist the national flag, recite the national anthem, sing patriotic songs, organise cultural and sport-related programmes, and pay tribute to freedom fighters on Independence Day.

The madrasas have also been ordered to show proof of the activities by videotaping everything.

A circular in this regard was issued by Rahul Gupta, Registrar, UP Madrasa Shiksha Parishad to 8,000 madarasas recognised by the Paishad and 560 others that are government-aided.

The circular says that after hoisting of national flag and recitation of national anthem, tributes will be paid to freedom fighters and students will be told about the importance of Independence Day. Students are also asked to sing songs based on nationalism. A cultural program on national unity and sports events will follow then and the program will end with sweet distribution.

This is for the first time in the state’s history that madrasas have been directed to organise more programmes than just hoisting the national flag and reciting national anthem.

“We were previously issued such directives. But now the government has taken steps to ensure that the directives are followed by directing the madarasas to videograph the event,” said Mohammad Faiyyaz, a teacher in a local madrsa.

The state government has also warned the madrasas that if the directives aren’t followed, the state will then withdraw government aid to these institutions.

Baldev Singh Aulakh, a minister of state in Yogi Aditynath Cabinet, said that the order to recite national anthem and song and other programmes are mandatory for all madrasas. “The government will withdraw grants if anyone fails to follow the directives,” he added.

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