Braid Cutting

Braid Chopping: Pregnant women should be mentally at ease, fear can affect their womb, say Psychiatrists

‘Use of spray doesn’t cause brain tumor’

Srinagar: As growing braid chopping incidents have created panic among the womenfolk in Kashmir, psychiatrists on Tuesday raised alarm saying the fear among pregnant ladies could affect their unborn baby.

“Such fear can lead to distress and phobia among them,” said Dr Muhammad Maqbool, HoD Psychiatrist Department GMC.

He said that pregnant women should be mentally at ease.

“Pregnant women should not take any kind of fear as it could affect the baby in their womb mentally,” he said. He added though they can’t visit every place here to make people aware about such things.

“The religious scholars in the respective areas should give psycho therapy to the people in this regard so that locals especially the womenfolk would get aware about the precautions and the consequences of fear as well,” the medico said.

Other psychiatrists who wished anonymity ruled out any occurrence brain tumour due to the use of spray used by braid choppers.

“It is incorrect that the chemicals used prior to the braid chopping led to brain tumour. People must not pay heed over these things,” they said.

Over 100 braid chopping incidents have occurred in Kashmir so far with none arrests in the matter till now. The Police also rued the lack of cooperation by the victims and their families, saying that the investigation was not done properly due to the lack of cooperation.

The Police had said that they have started scientific investigation to check the braid chopping incidents in Kashmir.

(With inputs from KNS)

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