Hindustan belongs to Hindus, doesn’t mean it’s not the country of others too: RSS Chief

Indore: RSS Chief Mohan Baghwat on Saturday said that like America and Germany belongs to Americans and Germans, Hindustan (India) belongs to Hindus. He however added that it dosen’t mean that the country is not of the ‘others’ too.

Addressing a gathering of college-going RSS volunteers, Bhagwat also said the government alone cannot bring development, and that it needs changes in the society.

“Whose country is Germany?…It’s a country of Germans, Britain is a country of Britishers, America is a country of Americans, and in the same way Hindustan is a country of Hindus. It does not mean that Hindustan is not the country of other people,” Bhagwat said.

“The term Hindu covers all those who are the sons of Bharat Mata, descendants of Indian ancestors and who live in accordance with the Indian culture,” the RSS chief said.

No one leader or party can make the country great but it needs a change and we will have to prepare the society for it, he said.

“In ancient times, people used to look to God for development, but in ‘Kalyuga’ people look to the government… But the fact is, the government can go only as far as the society goes,” Bhagwat said.

“The society is the father of the government. The government can serve the society, but it cannot bring changes in the society. When the society brings changes in itself, this change reflects in the government and the system,” the RSS chief said.

To make India powerful, prosperous and “vishwa guru”, the countrymen will have to rid their hearts of the thought of “discrimination on any grounds”, he added.

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