Ongoing ‘Kashmir movement’ is political, not islamic, says Abdullah

‘Ram Madhav knows only about RSS and BJP not Kashmir’

‘Chidambaram was correct in asserting that majority in Kashmir want Autonomy’

Srinagar: Advising BJP General Secretary Ram Madhav to read Kashmir history, National Conference President and Parliament member Farooq Abdullah on Monday said that Madhav does not know Kashmir and shouldn’t speak about it.

The former chief minister also stressed that the ongoing ‘Kashmir movement’ is not an Islamic one but has a political nature. “It is not an Islamic movement. It is a political movement, a political movement for returning what was ours. It is not an Islamic movement nor are we fighting for Pakistan, “he said.

Speaking about Madhav, Abdullah said, “He knows RSS and BJP. He doesn’t know Kashmir. He has been planking. He should look into the history of Kashmir rather than speak about it,” Abdullah told news agency CNS.

The former chief minister who returned as the party president on Sunday, said that there is no other state that acceded to India.

“We acceded with India on some conditions. India should not link us with other states. This is wrong to link us with other states. I have told this to many Prime Ministers in past. Do you remember what Narsimha Rao as Prime Minister said in the Parliament? He said as far as autonomy is concerned: Sky is the limit, but no Azadi (freedom),” said Abdullah.

“We want autonomy to be restored,” Abdullah added.

The Former chief minister said that the demand of autonomy is within the constitution of India.

Responding to a question, Abdullah said that the report of late Interlocutor Dileep Padgounkar should be put before the parliament rather than sending another interlocutor.

“Let the Home Ministry put the report before Parliament. Why are not they putting it before the Parliament rather than sending another person to talk to everybody. It is failure from the start. Home Minister says one thing. The man in PMO says another thing. Deputy Home Minister says third thing. We are all confused that is what Mr Sharma is coming to Jammu and Kashmir for. He has already sent me an invitation. My working president Omar Abdullah has also received an invitation. Our party will meet him. It is not necessary that I should meet him. Omar Abdullah will certainly meet him and put our point before him,” he said.

Regarding the issue of Article 35A, Abdullah said that the party will defend it.

“We are going to defend Article 35A. There is no change in our mind about that. During my father’s rule, a law was passed under which 90 years lease was given to outsiders who would set up industry and that lease would be extended further. It’s a renewable thing. So for what purpose they want to purchase land in Kashmir,” he questioned.

While defending the remarks of former Home Minister P. Chadambaram about autonomy Abdullah said that Indian Prime Minister Modi is absolutely wrong.

“I heard what Chidambaram said and I feel Prime Minister is absolutely wrong. Chidambaram is correct in asserting that majority of the people in Kashmir want autonomy. If Government of India will deny the same, then those days are not far when people will shout for Azadi,” he said.

(With inputs from CNS)

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