Shocked, grieved over the number of militant casualties this year: Geelani

Srinagar: Hurriyat Chairman Syed Ali Geelani on Monday expressed shock and grief over the number of militant causalities this year and said that it is a big loss and a ‘national tragedy’.

While referring to the reports, Geelani said that the reports are synonymous to the fact that the authorities are carrying the occupation through their military might and added that people while resisting the unconstitutional and illegal occupation, have since past 71 years have sacrificed more than 6 lakh souls.

Army, in joint presser with the police and the CRPF yesterday had said that they have killed 190 militants in 2017.

“India has waged war on innocent civilians. The so-called instrument of accession, endorsed by the then Maharaja, is neither valid nor authentic,” Geelani said in a statement.

Geelani said that as per guidelines laid in the independence and partition plan, the Maharaja’s and kings had no right to exercise their will regarding the future course or decide the political destiny of their domain or states and added that people had the right to decide their destiny and future status of their states.

The Resistance leader while referring to the historical events of the past, said that Hari Singh was not an authority to annex or sign an instrument an accession with India or any country as he was fleeing and leaving towards Jammu.

“Therefore, there is no constitutional, legal, political or moral status of this so-called instrument of accession,” added Geelani.

“Despite their tall claims and parroting about being a great democratic country, India is depriving 15 million people from their birth right,” Geelani maintained in the statement.

Geelani suggested authorities in New Delhi to allow people to exercise their right to self-determination, saying that their predecessors have made commitment at all international forums.

“This is the moral responsibility of India to fulfil their commitment and allow us to live a peaceful life,” said Geelani.

While paying his tributes to all ‘martyrs’, he said that these youths while laying their precious lives, are nourishing a sacred cause with their blood and in his appeal to people asked to safeguard their sacrifices and stay away from those strengthening forced and illegal occupation.

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