Renowned Mumbai medico Zahra Hussaini launches path-breaking Oral Cancer Detection Test

Oral Cancer Detection Test kit was unveiled at Mumbai’s Nanavati Hospital


Mumbai: C-Test, an oral cancer detection test invented by renowned dentist Dr Zahra Hussani, was formally launched in Mumbai’s prestigious Nanavati Hospital on December 2.

The launch was attended by renowned doctors, Bollywood and television celebrities.

Among the known names present were Bollywood actor Javed Jaffery, television stars Ali Asgar, Ratan Rajput and Nausheen Ali Sardar. Akbar Sami, one of the first professional DJ of India was also present at the occasion.

Hussaini, who has been working on the test from the past 10 odd years, again reiterated that the government should declare it as a public health programme so that it reaches every nook and corner of the country.

Hussaini launched her invention on the first death anniversary of her mother.

“Every 7-8 minutes a person dies in the country due to oral cancer. Unlike other type of cancers, oral cancer is visible. So it can be detected way before it happens with this very simple test,” said Hussaini.

She however appealed that government support is imperative in order to spread awareness.

“This test needs to reach rural India, where most of the cases happen. The kit needs to be at every public health center and paramedics needs to be trained how to use it. For that it needs promotion like the Polio campaign. Its needs to be a public health programme,” Hussaini pointed out.

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‘Govt needs to set its priorities right’

Javed Jaffery, in his own unique style while seconding Zahra’s demand that her initiative should be made a public health programme, said that the government needs to set their priorities right.

“As she (Zahra) mentioned that her folder has been lying there (in Delhi) for approval since almost 4 years now… this attitude has to change. This invention needs to reach each and every person and for that the government has to be on the forefront. They need to make people aware about this invention. And for that they need set their own priorities right.

Jaffery also added that the government should use media to the fullest in order to spread awareness regarding cancer, especially oral cancer.

“Everyone knows about the Pulse polio campaign because media has been thoroughly used to spread the word. We know about AIDS as the word has been spread through every medium possible. So, the government should do the same with C-test,” Jaffery stressed.

He also pointed out that private and multinational companies can also support the cause through their coperate social responsibility (CSR) funds.


‘Like Swachh India we need Swast India’

Television celebrity Ali Asgar while committing his full support in spreading awareness regarding oral cancer and C-test, said that it’s high time that the government declares it as a public health programme.

“This is not just business. It’s way more than that. It’s a service to the whole humanity. So like we need and support ‘Swachh Bharat Mission’ (Clean India) the government should come forward with ‘Swast Bharat Mission’ (Healthy India) and support Zahra in her endeavour,” said Ali.

Television acrtresses Nausheen Ali Sardar and Ratan Rajput also pledged their support to Dr. Zahra and her mission.


‘If you heal one human being, you heal the mankind’

Dr.Ali Irani

Dr. Ali Irani, India’s reputed Physiotherapist, who is also the brother of Dr. Zahra said that the whole family is proud of what Zahra has achieved.

I am very proud of my sister. I know she has been working very hard for the last 11-12 years. Also, I am very happy that she has selected a day to launch which happens to be our mother’s first death anniversary,” said Irani.

Irani, who was also the physio of the Indian Cricket team added, “We all in the family believe that we need to serve humanity. And I always quote a verse from the Holy Quran in Surah Maidah that ‘If you heal one of My human beings, you heal the Mankind‘. So we are grateful to our parents that they made most of us come into the healing profession.”

Hussaini also said that she plans to launch the kit in other places too, including Kashmir.

“As promised I will come to Kashmir very soon. During my first visit, I had promised that I will be there with my kit. In fact I had planned that I would launch it in Srinagar only. However, that couldn’t happen due to unforeseen reasons,” said Hussaini.

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