‘Health authorities unmoved over 21 swine flu deaths in valley’

Health dept responsible for deteriorated situation, says Mian Altaf 

Jammu: Senior National conference leader and MLA Kangan Mian Altaf has expressed serious concern over the rising death toll due to swine flu in valley and castigated the health and medical education department for failing to act and prevent the spread of H1N1 cases in valley that has already claimed 21 lives.

In a statement issued, Mian Altaf said that 21 persons have died so far due to swine flu and the health authorities have failed to prevent the spread of the disease so far.

“The reveal-nothing approach from health department to aware people about the precautions about H1N1 flu virus as such could have taken preventive measures, adding that forget general public, they didn’t even took care of the doctors by providing them any protection who are treating the patients of H1N1,” Mian Altaf added.

Mian Altaf said that the department tried to play calm by saying people are safe here and there is no need to panic, adding that with people having no information about the epidemic level of H1N1 flu virus, the infection kept on spreading and claimed 21 precious lives.

Mian Altaf urged the government particularly the health department to take necessary preventive measures required so that no more precious lives are lost by the swine flu.


(With inputs from KNS)

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