You ‘will be killed’ if you smuggle and slaughter cows, says BJP lawmaker

Jaipur: A lawmaker of Rajasthan’s ruling Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP), has issued a death threat against those who ‘slaughter’ and ‘smuggle’ cows.

Speaking about a the mob beating of an alleged cow smuggler on Saturday, he declared: “If you smuggle cows, you will be killed.”

Gyan Dev Ahuja is known for being consistent with hate speeches and open threats to violence and murder.

Earlier, a man called Zakir Khan was arrested for alleged cattle smuggling after he was pulled out of his truck and beaten by villagers on Saturday. The police says that it had tried to stop the truck, carrying eight cows, but Zakir allegedly drove through the barricades.

The BJP legislator from Ramgarh also rubbished that Zakir Khan had been beaten up. “As the public was following the truck, it overturned, resulting in the injuries… The people didn’t beat him…he was injured because the vehicle overturned,” he said.

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