DFP condemns ED for summoning Dr Bilques Shah again

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Castigates army chief’s assertions, calls for political measures

Srinagar: The Enforcement Directorate has again summoned the wife of incarcerated resistance leader, Shabir Shah. Condemning the latest ED summon to Shabir Shah’s wife, Dr Bilques Shah, Jammu Kashmir Democratic Freedom Party has said that on one hand ED has produced a so called chargesheet against Shabir Shah and on the other it has summoned his wife to its Delhi office.

This shows that ED is trying to prolong the detention of Shabir Shah and is creating hurdles in his bail. A bail application of Shabir Shah is under the consideration of a Court which is scheduled to be heard on Jan 29 but ED has summoned Shabir Shah’s wife on Jan 30.

In a statement, Freedom Party said it wants to make it clear that Shabir Shah is the name of an ideology which cannot be silenced by unethical, inhuman and illogical means like dragging a political leader’s wife in concocted cases.

Strongly denouncing and castigating the assertions made by the Indian Army chief, General Bipin Rawat, the Jammu Kashmir Democratic Freedom Party (DFP) has said that it seems New Delhi has deliberately allowed its army chief to make statements on Kashmir every now and then to create fear among the freedom loving Kashmiri people.

DFP Secretary General, Moulana Mohammad Abdullah Tari said in a statement that Indian army chief’s day to day statements about Kashmir prove that New Delhi is only interested in military approach to address the long pending Kashmir dispute. “India has closed all political and diplomatic ways to address the Kashmir issue,” Moulana Tari said adding it seems that India is herself interested in military solutions only which can lead to more bloodshed and destruction.

Moulana Tari made it clear that the issue of Jammu Kashmir is political in nature and its people are struggling to achieve justice but New Delhi is continuously creating hurdles in the way of its resolution. It has historically ignored the sentiments of the people of Kashmir and it is time and again resorting to the military means.

Moulana Tari also said that people of Kashmir have not tired in the way of their seeking justice and it has been proven to the world time and again. The people of Kashmir exhibited utmost political maturity in 2008, 2010 and recently in 2016 by massive uprisings, the world stands witness to the fact that Kashmiri people believe in resolution. New Delhi is trying to terrify the peace loving Kashmiri people by resorting to civilian killings, arrests and crackdowns and using its army chief but fact of the matter is that unless Kashmir issue remains unresolved there can be no peace, neither in Kashmir nor in the south Asian region.

“Indian political leadership needs to understand that resolution of Kashmir dispute does not lay in the hands of army but leaders with statesmanship. New Delhi has been using its military might against Kashmiri people since decades together but of no result so it is high time to shun the bloody path and take practical political measures to address the long standing dispute,” the statement added.


(With inputs from KNS)

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