Where will entrepreneurs go, asks FCIK reacting to allotment of Industrial land to Forces

Mohammed Ashraf Mir, President FCIK.

“Even Ompora industrial Estate was not developed because of interference of air force”

After Jammu and Kashmir Government recently retrieved back erstwhile HMT Factory premises from the possession of Union Ministry of Heavy Industries Ministry, 246 kanal of the industrial land has now been transferred to J&K Police for constructing of a housing colony, while 80 kanal have been allotted to paramilitary SSB for construction of sector headquarters.

According to a report in Greater Kashmir daily, the state government has failed to move out the CRPF from the HMT premises, which has occupying a major portion of the premises “illegally” since 2010.

Reacting to the news, Federation of Chambers of Industries Kashmir, said that the Industry has survived the worst of times in terms of official apathy and political ignorance and now it is facing oppression and deprivation at the hands of both political bosses and the executive.

In a statement, FCIK said that the land bank that was proposed in the industrial policy in vogue is nowhere in sight and instead the land that is with the Kashmir industry is being snatched from it on one pretext or the other.

“The Ompora industrial Estate was not developed because of the interference of air force and the entrepreneurs who were assured land there were left high and dry looking for alternatives. The industrial land at IE Zainakote which was allotted to HMT watch factory and on its closure returned to industries department is being illegally occupied by the CRPF, as if that was not enough the land use is being violated by none other than the government itself by allotting it to police housing corporation and SSB,” the statement said.

FCIK further said that, the government has the right to change the land use, “but what about the right of entrepreneur who require this land to earn their lively hood, what about the educated unemployed youth of the two districts of central Kashmir to which the industrial estate Zainakote is catering to. Has anybody at the helm of affairs given it a thought, has anybody thought about the unit holders who have suffered by the occupation of this estate by forces, has anybody thought about the plight of young men and women who are qued up with industries department for want of land allotment to start their dream projects and earn their livelihood.”

The statement added that there is a dichotomy in the words and deeds of industries minister who on one hand is asking young men & women of the region not to que up for government jobs not become job seekers instead become job providers, and asked that how can these young men& women become job providers when the resources that are supposed to be theirs are being denied to them on one pretext or the other.

“The industry of the region that is under stress for a long time for varied reasons cannot survive the deprivation of this natural resource that cannot be recreated or replaced. The land use of industrial land of erstwhile HMT watch factory if changed without proper consideration and without the active participation of stake holders is going to create more problems than solution for government in future,” FCIK said.

“FCIK would like to remind the Honourable Industries Minister the announcement he made at an occasion recently that the HMT land has been retrieved and will be allotted to aspiring entrepreneurs and the State Forest Corporation land adjacent to IE Shallateng would also be exchanged with Ompora Industrial land.”

President FCIK Mr. Mohammed Ashraf Mir said that the federation would appreciate the relocation of envisaged housing facility for the forces in this regard and requested the Chief Minister’s attention and personal intervention.

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