Controversy over Kannada flag: Will hit the streets, says pro-Kannada leader

The state will be the second in India to have its own flag, after Jammu and Kashmir

In a proposal over the re-design of the Karanataka state flag, the Karnataka flag committee has submitted its report recommending a design, that has not gone down well with pro-Kanada groups.

Vatal Nagaraj, leader of the Kannada Chaluvali Vatal Paksha and a former MLA, said that it was the existing (unofficial) bi-colored flag that the people of the state identified with.

“The existing bi-colored flag is recognized by the people of Karnataka as the state’s flag. Cannot accept the new tricolored flag. The red and yellow flag is what we have been hoisting all these years,” he said.

“That is the flag the government too hoists on the state’s formation day. The people of Karnataka will come out on the streets with our flag if there is any change to the existing flag,” he added.

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The new design is a tri-colour flag as opposed to the existing bi-colour flag used earlier. The design is likely to be the state’s official flag once approved by the state followed by the Centre.

“We have received the report. We have referred it to the Department of Culture. We will look into it once they place it before the cabinet,” Chief Minister Siddaramaiah had told CNN-News18 on Tuesday.

The design is expected to go through minor changes as it seeks approval at various levels and once approved, the state will be the second in the country to have its own flag, after Jammu and Kashmir.

It was in July last year that the government constituted a nine-member committee to look into the possibility of having a separate flag for the state and accord it legal standing.

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