Flag rally with police support in favour of ‘rapist, murderer’ is shameful, says Joint Resistance 

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‘Stop victimizing Jammu Muslims or face a full-fledged agitation’

Srinagar: Joint resistance leadership (JRL) comprising Syed Ali Shah Geelani, Mirwaiz Muhammad Umar Farooq and Muhammad Yasin Malik on Saturday said that a rally that was organized in Jammu against the arrest of a ‘rapist and murderer’ is a glaring example of how ruling regime has crossed every limit of low with regards to humanity and ethics.

The JRL in a joint statement said that a rally by some ‘Hindu chauvinists’ led by BJP Assembly member in support of ‘a rapist and murderer’ of an eight year old Asifa Bano in Jammu, holding Indian tricolor flag and with full police protection has exposed the hypocritical politics of Mehbooba led regime who in Kashmir do not tolerate any political program and imposes curfew, unleashes reign of terror against resistance camp and arrest political activists under black laws like PSA to prevent such programs but on other hand is seen providing full police protection to an anti-human rally by fascist forces in Jammu.

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Terming the rally by Hindu Ekta Morcha in support of a ‘thug, rapist and murderer’, as a slap on the face of whole humanity, JRL said that this rally was led by a BJP assembly member which is actually a glaring proof of the fascist mindset of ruling class in India and Jammu Kashmir.

Leaders said that though Kashmiris have had no faith in those who make noise of Beti Bachao on daily basis but it was also not expected of those who worship Sita and Radha to come such blatantly open in favor of a person who raped an innocent girl and killed her like a beast.

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“By this act of utmost shamelessness, these fascists have clearly shown that for their religious fantasy they can stoop to any low because honor and dignity of women folk and life of a human holds no value to them,” they said.

JRL said that no religion can allow such support for a rapist and killer and the organizers, supporters, participants and collaborators of above said shameful rally have actually by their disgraceful act dishonored their own religion too.

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They said that organizing and allowing a rally in support of a rapist and killer with full police protection has cleared another fact also that rulers, their police and civil administration are hands in glows with these criminals. “Instead of supporting a criminal, these people should have come on roads to demand an exemplary punishment for the criminal but the animosity against Muslims and Kashmiris has engulfed their eyes and minds so much that these people with dead conscience came out displaying Indian flag in support of the very criminal,” JRL added.

Leaders said that Mehbooba Mufti led regime which Lathee-charged, arrested and humiliated those who staged protests against the rape and murder of Asifa but provided police protection to those who came out in favor of killer has actually exposed her integrity too.

“A women chief minister who used to jeer on Kashmiri Muslims by saying that she is ashamed of being Muslim and Kashmiri but is proud on Jammu people, is angry on this rally not because she feels ashamed for an innocent girls rape and murder but for Indian flag being dishonored,” they said.

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“This is her real anti-human and anti-Muslim face and she is issuing these ridiculous statements to ensure her partnership with these fascist criminals,” the leadership added.

They said that the Muslims living in Jammu region will never be left alone at the mercy of fascists and goons and anyone aiming to repeat 1947 should remember that whole valley will arouse against any such ill-move and Kashmiri Muslims will spill their blood to save their Jammu brethren at every cost.

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JRL leaders said that if rulers immediately don’t take steps to eradicate fascist behavior and partisanship against Jammu Muslims, Kashmiri Muslims under the banner of freedom leadership will launch a full-fledged agitation and no stone will be left unturned to ensure safety of Jammu Muslims.


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