Four counts of death penalty, life term, 7-year jail term, Rs 2 million fine awarded to rapist-killer of Zainab

Lahore: Imran Ali, the rapist and killer of six-year old Zainab Amin in Kasur town of Punjab in Pakistan, has been awarded four counts of death penalty, one life term, a seven year jail term and Rs.2 million fine by an anti-terrorism court.

The verdict was announced at Lahore’s Central Jail in Kot Lakhpat on Saturday.

The four death penalties were for kidnapping, raping and murdering Zainab, and for committing an act of terrorism under Section 7 of the Anti Terrorism Act. The life sentence, along with a Rs1 million fine, was handed to Ali for sodomy. Another 7-year jail sentence and Rs 2 million fine were imposed for concealing the body in a trash heap.

Prosecutor General Ehtesham Qadir,informed the accused was given ample time to defend himself, reported the Dawn. 

“When he was read the charges, we asked the court to let Imran Ali deliberate the matter for 40 minutes,” the prosecutor said. “The convict was then told that anything he says will be used against him in court, after which he confessed. After this, we also proved the voluntariness of the convict in court and then proceeded to trial.”

Nonetheless, the prosecution chose to submit all its evidence to court so that the case remained airtight. The prosecutor also said this was “the first case to examine scientific evidence” in a case of this nature.

The convict now has 15 days to challenge the verdict and file an appeal.

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