Removing the two term limit will ‘improve the institution of leadership’: Chinese Media

China on Sunday announced that it has decided to do away with the limit (two terms) on presidential terms. Amid a lot of criticism, an editorial in the state run Global times has defended the move by saying that it will ‘improve the institution of leadership’.

“Since the founding of the People’s Republic of China, there have been multiple adjustments to the institution of the presidency and its terms of reference. Over the past two decades, a trinity of leadership consisting of the CPC Central Committee general secretary, president of the nation and chairman of the Communist Party of China Central Military Commission has taken shape and proven to be effective,’ the editorial in the Global times read.

“To remove the two-term limit of the Chinese president can help maintain the trinity system and improve the institution of leadership of the CPC and the nation,” it further added.

The editorial also stressed that the change doesn’t mean that China will a ‘life long’ president.

The change doesn’t mean that the Chinese president will have a lifelong tenure. There has been a wide consensus within and outside the CPC that since the reform and opening-up, China, led by the CPC, has succeeded and will continue to be successful in solving the power shifts of the CPC and the nation in a law-abiding and orderly manner.

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