Demand for ‘Dravida Nadu’: Hope such a situation arises, says DMK’s Stalin

Chennai: The working president of the Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam (DMK) MK Stalin has said that if the southern states demanded ‘Dravida Nadu’, a federation of India’s southern states, it would be welcomed.

He also added that such a situation should arise.

The comment came on Friday when during a press conference a reporter asked Stalin that the idea of ‘Dravida Nadu’ was gaining ground.

Vandhaal varaverkapaduginrathu (If it (such a situation) comes, it is being welcomed),” Stalin responded in Tamil. “Varum endra nambikkaiyil thaan naan irukkiren (I hope that it will come),” he added.

The DMK had given up secessionism some 55 years ago in the wake of the Indo-China war in 1962.

Stalin’s comments come after Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister’s Telegu Deshum Party (TDP) broke away from the National Democratic Alliance after the state was denied Special Category Status by the Modi Government.  The TDP later passed a no-confidence motion against the Modi Government which was supported by the Congress, AIADMK, AIMIM, CPI and the AAP.

According to a report in the Hindu, what Stalin said is theoretically possible. 

However, some also argued that his statement is an effort to quell ‘Tamil Nationalism’.

“Theoretically what Mr. Stalin said is possible. Dravida Nadu comprising the five southern States and Union Territory of Puducherry can be achieved. Mr. Stalin has only reiterated what has been said in rule-2 of the DMK (constitution),” K. Thirunavukkarasu, a historian of the Dravidian movement told The Hindu.

“If he (Mr. Stalin) is really serious about creating Dravida Nadu, let him visit the neighbouring States and muster support. Is he ready to include the proposal in the election manifesto of his party? Is he ready to convene a special general council of the DMK to propagate the idea,” said P. Maniarasan, leader of Tamil Desiya Periyakkam while dismissing Stalin’s statement.

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