Religious clerics have responsibility to stop fringe from spreading hate through speeches, says Malik

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Welcomes judicial probe order into Naeem Butt’s killing

Srinagar: Chairman of Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF), Muhammad Yasin Malik Friday said that Ulema and religious scholars are most esteemed but they should stop fringe among their ranks from spreading hate among Muslims.

“Kashmiris are being slaughtered at ceasefire line (LoC) but international community seems to maintain slumber. Kashmiri inmates are being subjected to worst kind of state oppression in jails and police stations,” Malik said while speaking to people at Masjid Bilal.

Malik in his address expressed dismay over the ‘growing intolerance’ and ‘hate speeches’ by some religious preachers especially on social media in which these people through their hate speeches are widening the gap between various sects of Muslims and are hence tarnishing the unity among our ranks and files.

“Ulema and religious scholars are most valued in our society but this reverence brings more responsibilities on their shoulders. They should stop fringe elements among their ranks from spreading hate among Muslims through their speeches and sermons because this growing menace is responsible for widening the gap between various sects of Muslims and in no way is in the interest of our Ummah,” Malik said.

He said that this hate mongering has risen to an alarming height now and these preachers have started showering abuses on one another, calling for fiery debates and even at occasion are indulging in calling others infidel and non-Muslim. “This state of affairs is not acceptable to us as it is detrimental to our unity and cohesiveness and if these hate mongers don’t stop immediately, Nation will have no choice but to boycott them all,” he said.

Condemning the ongoing massacre of Kashmiris on LoC (Ceasefire Line), Malik said that that Kashmiris living on both, forcibly separated sides of Kashmir, alongside the ceasefire line (LOC) are bearing the brunt of a criminal silence maintained by the international community and its failure to resolve Kashmir dispute.

He said that “on Mar 16, JKLF had called for a peaceful march against the same, during which our brother Naeem Butt received bullets and finally succumbed to his wounds and attained martyrdom.”

Welcoming the decision of Prime Minister ‘Azad Kashmir’ of calling a judicial probe into Naeem’s killing, Malik hoped that this probe will conclude in time and the culprits who killed Naeem will be given stern punishment.


(With inputs from KNS)

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