Army Major made 3,000 calls to colleague’s wife, killed her with swiss knife, says Police

Was a friend of the couple and had fallen in love with her, when she rejected, he had planned to kill her by slitting her throat, then drove the car over her.  

Major Nikhil Rai Handa was arrested on Sunday morning, charged with the murder of another Major’s wife, Shailja Dwivedi, from Meerut. He was a common friend of the couple and had fallen in love with her during their posting in Dimapur, Nagaland.

When he was rejected, he had planned to kill her.

On Saturday afternoon, he visited the Army Base Hospital to visit her one last time and slit her throat. He ran over her body two times so it would pass off as an accident.

Police said that call details have revealed that Major Handa made 3,000 calls a year to the victim who he murdered, Shailja Dwivedi.

The major had used two Swiss knives for the occasion and had, according to the police, ‘displayed the shrewdness of a professional’ after allegedly killing her.

“While crossing a toll plaza on way to Meerut, he took a U-turn near Daurala and went back after 30 minutes to avoid leaving a trail. He was very calm and composed when he met his brother after the murder and borrowed Rs 20,000 from him,” an investigator said.

According to the police, when he called his brother, they had been tracking him by them, which blew his cover. His brother gave clues to certain whereabouts which helped the police.

Since he had been earlier posted to Meerut and knew the place, he went there and disposed three of the victim’s phones along with her umbrella. One the phones was discovered dismantled at the garbage dump near Saket.

Police also said that ‘he had been fiercely pursuing Shailja and even went to Amritsar to meet her’. Call records reveal that the victim had started rejecting his calls. However, Handa had initally claimed that he had killed her because she wanted to marry him quickly. He would frequently change statements and switch off his phone so that he couldn’t be traced.


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