Zakir Naik to head back to India today: Report

Naik however has called the report baseless

Says, I have no plans to come to India till I don’t feel safe from unfair prosecution

The ‘controversial’ Muslim evangelist , Zakir Naik will be heading back to India today from Malaysia, NDTV reported. He’s currently living in Putrajaya, Malaysia where he’s been given permanent residence.

“He is out of the country tonight. He will be taking a flight to India today I believe,” a Malaysian government source stated.

Zakir Naik, however, called the report ‘totally baseless and false’.

“I have no plans to come to India till I don’t feel safe from unfair prosecution. When I feel that the government will be just and fair, I will surely return to my homeland,” he said.

The speaker had left India in 2016 after a ISIS error attack in Dhaka, Bangladesh had said they were inspired by him. Ever since then, investigators in India have demanded that Malaysia hand him over since he is part of the anti-terror National Investigation Agency. In response, Malaysia said that they had failed to produce a red corner notice.

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“In our conversations with Indian authorities like RAW (Research and Analysis Wing), we said please give us an Interpol notice and we will arrest him, but they failed to do so,” an official stated.

After the exit of the Najib Razak government, there have been rumors about change a policy on his stay. The legal battle is still ongoing. Malaysia’s Home Minister said recently in a statement that if Zakir Naikj committed any crimes, he would be subject to local laws.

In 2017, the NIA charged Naik with ‘promoting enmity and hatred between different religious groups in India through public speeches and lectures.’

Naik headed a channel ‘Peace TV’ which was banned in Bangladesh after terrorists in Dhaka had killed 22 people had allegedly said they were inspired by him.

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