Disclose names of private individuals who accompanied Modi on foreign trips, says CIC to MEA

The Central Information Commission has ordered the External Affairs Ministry of India to reveal the names of the private individuals who have traveled during foreign tours with Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi, PTI reported.

Earlier in October, Karabi Das had sought information from the ministry on expenses taken during foreign visits of the prime minister in 2015-16 and 2016-17 along with the list of people travelling with him.

Satisfactory information was not provided to the applicant following which he sought help from the commission.

The ministry had demanded Rs 224 for providing the information which was deposited by the applicant, activist Subhash Agrawal, who represented the applicant during the hearing, told Chief Information Commissioner R K Mathur.

In its submissions during the hearing, the ministry said no other data is maintained in consolidated form regarding the visits of the prime minister except date and place of visit and the expenses incurred on chartered flights.

The ministry also told the commission that it will look into the matter with regard to the payment of Rs 224 and will provide updated information.

“List of private persons (not linked with security) who travelled with the Prime Minister of India at government expenditure should be provided to the appellant redacting names of other officials,” Mathur ordered.

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