Indonesia plane crash: Boeing issues bulletin warning operators about 737 models

Source: Wikimedia/PK-REN/Flickr

Boeing Corporation is in preparations for sending a bulletin on its new 737 models to operators warning them that incorrect readings from a flight-monitoring system could cause planes to rapidly dive after one of its planes crashed in Indonesia a week back, killing all 189 passengers on board, Bloomberg reported.

The warning is based on preliminary findings from last week’s crash of one of the planes off the coast of Indonesia, as per the report. The bulletin will alert pilots to follow an existing procedure to handle the problem.

Earlier, the investigators of the crashed aircraft said an airspeed indicator of the plane was damaged for its last four flights, Reuters reported. However, U.S. authorities cautiously responded to suggestions of fleet-wide checks.

The pilot of the plane was an Indian who died in the crash, confirmed the Indian Embassy in Jakarta.

The damage of the flight was revealed after data had been downloaded from the plane’s flight data recorder, Indonesia’s National Transportation Safety Committee (KNKT) chief Soerjanto Tjahjono told reporters on Monday.

Fleet-wide checks on 737 MAX jets had not been requested formally by the Indonesian government and none are planned pending more data, Reuters reported. Moreover, investigators have not disclosed any reports of other airspeed failures on the aircraft.

“We don’t know yet where the problem lies, what repair has been done, what their reference books are, what components have been removed,” said Nurcahyo Utomo, the KNKT sub-committee head for air accidents. “These are the things we are trying to find out: what was the damage and how it was fixed.”

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