Walk-out staged in London Conference against presence of Nayeema Mehjoor

A walk out was staged in protest against the opportunity given to Nayeema Mehjoor, former Jammu and Kashmir State Commission for Women (JKSCW) during the BJP PDP coalition, to address a Kashmir media conference.

The walkout was staged by Muzzammil Ayyub Thakur, Zaffar Qureshi and others.

The media conference was held in a British Parliament office on Thursday with the presence of Prime Minister of Pakistan Administered Kashmir Farooq Haider, member of APHC AJK Tufail Bhat, Member of Parliament Afzal Khan, Tehreek Kashmir UK President Fahim Kayani and Nazir Gilani.

Thakur and Qureshi accused Nayeema Mehjoor of having blood on her hands and condemned the organizers for not only permitting, but lauding Mehjoor ‘for her alleged positive contribution to Kashmir whilst being part of the occupation mechanism’.

They added that Mehjoor had no moral standing to contribute towards the Kashmir conversation against Indian oppression as she was part of the same setup that perpetrated violence against innocent people.

Noting that she was part of the BJP PDP government when Burhan Wani was killed, the protestors added that Mehjoor was a government official when thousands of youth were injured, killed and blinded by pellets.

“The epidemic of dead eyes happened under her watch whilst being part of the government apparatus. She had the audacity to preach of justice using her position in office only to end up exposing those empty words by remaining a silent bystander. She is as guilty and responsible as the perpetrators, no less than a collaborator,” Thakur told media personnel.


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