Six men detained on suspicion from Pathankot railway station, says Punjab police

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Srinagar: Six men from Jammu and Kashmir have been detained on suspicion from the Pathankot railway station, Punjab Police officials said on Monday, as per a IANS report.

According to the report, the men were onboard the Pooja Express from Jammu to Ajmer in Rajasthan, when forces personnel stopped the train in Pathankot late on Sunday and took them in custody.

The Punjab Police along with the J&K police, including other officials, have been questioning them, as per the report. Security agencies are on alert in frontier districts of Pathankot and Gurdaspur in Punjab.

Recently, in Amritsar, a grenade explosion left three dead and 20 injured at a religious congregation in Adliwal village in Rajasansi area.

The victims were followers of a Nirankari sect from nearby villages who had gathered for the weekly religious meeting.

Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) MLA, HS Phoolka, in response to the blast had stated that maybe the Indian Army Chief Bipin Rawat had ‘got it done’ to prove his statement correct.

The statement Phoolka was referring to was Rawat’s November 3 statement where he said that attempts were being made again through “external linkages” and “external abetment” to revive insurgency in Assam and Punjab.

“The Army Chief made a statement recently. Maybe he has got it done himself to prove his statement correct. Maur Mandi blasts also took place during elections and these were later found to have been orchestrated by Ram Rahim. These were backed by the Congress. But the blame was laid at the door of Khalistanis. Therefore there is no need to jump to any conclusions now before investigating this fully,” Phoolka told television reporters.

The AAP MLA said that no one should jump to any conclusions regarding the blast and raised questions about it taking place when the general elections were due in some months time.

Later in a late night tweet, he called it an ‘inadvertent statement being blown out of proportion’.

He said: “An inadvertent statement made standing on road is being blown out of proportion. I have stated that history is evidence of that fact that governments in the past have caused violence to further their interest. Like in last year’s Maur blast..No one should reach a conclusion without detailed impartial investigation. Even a moderate person like me who has always been against Khalistan-think so. I regret statement that may have purported to be against the Army Chief.”

Following the blast, Punjab Chief Minister Amarinder Singh had stated that the grenade used for the blast  “seemed to carry Pakistan’s signature”, according to a report by Indian Express. He said initial investigations indicated that “the grenade used was similar to the ones being manufactured by the Pakistan Army Ordinance factory”.

This is a developing story. Further details are awaited.

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