BJP lawmaker compares Muslims to ‘cow that doesn’t yield milk’

A BJP MLA in Assam has said that Muslim community is like a cow that does not yield milk, and added that what is the point of giving fodder to such cattle.

While talking to a local TV channel, Prasanta Phukan reportedly said, “Ninety percent Hindus voted for the BJP, and 90 percent people from the Muslim community did not vote for us. If a cow is not giving milk, what is the point of feeding it fodder?”

However, he defended his remarks. Speaking to the Indian Express, Phukan said, ““My point was simple. I said 90 percent Muslims do not vote for us. I used an Assamese proverb – what is the use of feeding a cow fodder if it does not give milk… I never intended to call the Muslim community ‘cow’. I said it is no use seeking their votes.”

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