Genocide calls against Muslims: Ex Indian army chiefs write to GoI, say ‘urgent action required’

A screengrab of the video showing Hindutva members inside a police station in Haridwar where a police officer is being told by one of the group members that ‘a message must be sent to the people that the police is not biased’

New Delhi: Five former chiefs of staff of the Indian armed forces and over a hundred other people including bureaucrats, journalists, and prominent citizens have written to the President of India Ram Nath Kovind and the country’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi seeking immediate action against Hindu right-wing members for inciting violence.

The recent calls were made in Uttarakhand’s Haridwar and Delhi, where the group gave open genocide calls against Muslim citizens of India.

The letter also mentions targeting other minorities like Christians, Dalits, and Sikhs of the country.

Addressed to India’s President and Prime Minister, it said, We, the undersigned, are writing to you about recent events in Haridwar, Delhi and elsewhere, openly calling for the genocide of Indian Muslims. In addition, other minorities – Christians, Dalits and Sikhs are also being targeted.

The letter further reads, India’s Armed Forces, the Army, Navy and Air Force, together with CAPFs and Police, are responsible for National Security – external and internal, respectively. All of the above have sworn to uphold India’s Constitution and our secular values.

We are seriously perturbed by the content of speeches made during a 3-day religious conclave called a Dharma Sansad, of Hindu Sadhus and other leaders, held at Haridwar between 17-19 December 2021. There were repeated calls for establishing a Hindu Rashtra and, if required, picking up weapons and killing of India’s Muslims in the name of protecting Hinduism.

At about the same time, a large number of persons gathered in Delhi and publicly took an oath resolving to make India a Hindu nation, by fighting and killing if necessary, and more such seditious meetings are being organised in other places.

Regardless of which persons or parties initiated calls for such genocide, the Government of India and the Judiciary, at the highest level, need to take urgent action. We cannot allow such incitement to violence together with public expressions of hate – which not only constitute serious breaches of internal security but which could also tear apart the social fabric of our nation.

One speaker made a call to the army and police to pick up weapons and participate in the cleanliness drive (safai abhiyan). This amounts to asking the army to participate in genocide of our own citizens, and is condemnable and unacceptable.

In view of the current situation on our borders, any breach of peace and harmony within the Nation will embolden inimical external forces. The unity and cohesiveness of our men and women in uniform, including the CAPFs and Police Forces, will be seriously affected by allowing such blatant calls for violence against one or the other community in our diverse and plural society.

We, therefore, call upon the Government, Parliament and the Supreme Court, to act with urgency to protect the integrity and security of our country. The Constitution provides for the free practice of religion across faiths. We strongly deplore such polarisation in the name of religion. We urge you, President and Prime Minister, to take immediate steps to curb such attempts, and urge you to condemn such incitement to violence in no uncertain terms.

We also take this opportunity to urge leaders of all political parties to condemn these calls for what is tantamount to genocide of Muslims. They must restrain their own cadres and thereby set examples of their commitment to Secularism, Fraternity and Justice for all.

It is in the National Interest that all parties should refrain from using religion in politics and pledge to uphold our Constitution and the wellbeing of our people – thus ensuring both National and Human Security for all, the letter ends.


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